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Clients at Hinkson Law can take comfort in knowing that they are being represented by a lawyer with over 30 years of experience and who has tried many criminal cases - from murders, robberies, drug trafficking and importation of controlled substances, to sexual assaults and tax frauds, to name a few.


Mr. Hinkson has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada, conducted trials in the Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Justice in cities throughout the province of Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area.

A Sampling of Mr. Hinkson's Cases

Judge's Table
Business Consultation


More than 30 years of practice

At Hinkson Law, it is the strong-held belief that the initial consultation with a client is an important part of the solicitor-client relationship.


When one entrusts his or her liberty to a lawyer, the client should feel comfortable with their decision. The best way to win a case is to have a strong defence, and this starts with the relationship between the client and the lawyer.


For this reason, all first-time consultations at Hinkson Law are free and there are no time restrictions.

Finding the Solution.

At Hinkson Law, the initial premise is that there is a solution to every problem.


Whatever steps are taken to facilitate your liberty, it is essential that the client is an active participant in deciding the course of action taken.


Remember, this is your liberty at stake and you should not only be involved in your case, but also be aware of the direction in which your case is heading.

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